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Published 19 November 2017

A Good Worldwide Assessment of HSCT, March 2017

Here's an article I just stumbled upon from the official, California Stem Cell Agency. I didn't know we had one here. The blog is aptly named The Stem Cellar.

This post is from March 2017 and gives a well-researched and well-written state of worldwide stem cell therapies to date. It provides some interesting follow-up statistics from many different studies among 13 different countries.


Important Timeframes

  • My Stem Cell Transplant Date: June 5th, 2016
  • Treatment duration: 4 weeks
  • Typical onset of disability reversal: +9 months
  • Typical complete recovery from procedure: +1 to +2 years
  • Typical maximum reversal of disability: +2 years


I am not a doctor. I am a scientist (engineer) who has had MS since March 2013.

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