Mission Statement

This website documents one man's quest to cure his MS through determination, perseverance and a little luck.

Although harsh drugs and strict diet were successfully supressing my devestating MS relapses, disease progression was quickly deteriorating my ability to walk and slowly deteriorating my ability to think. The logical solution for me was to try HSCT, which is not FDA approved, so I left the country to do it. This website documents my research and journey to effect a cure.




  • Homeward Bound (Day +12)

    Tomorrow morning, I’ll be headed back to Santa Barbara, CA. I’ll be so happy to be back in my home and hometown. I’ve been here in Puebla, Mexico for four weeks, and I’ve accomplished quite a lot.

    For the last day and a half, I’ve been sleeping and sitting

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  • Treatment Complete (Day +11)

    Yesterday’s rituximab infusion was a little more difficult than I expected. A few of us needed multiple shots of steroids to combat the side effects. After a half-hour in, my head turned splotchy red, and I couldn’t stop itching my ears, throat, scalp and face. I was light-headed. One

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  • A Check-In (Year 5.2)

    I've been getting nudged to update this blog. I realize that I've been silent to an almost negligent degree. So sorry about that. I've been trying to move on from being "the guy who did the bone marrow transplant" to just being more of just some "guy."

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  • No New Activity on MRIs (Year 3.6)

    A couple of weeks ago, I had four MRIs: brain stem, C-spine, T-spine, and L-spine. I'll spare the details about the cost and pain they caused me. The great news is that there's no new visual evidence of activity related to MS! (Yes, that's great news; however, even better

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