Mission Statement

This website documents one man's quest to cure his MS through determination, perseverance and a little luck.

Although harsh drugs and strict diet were successfully supressing my devestating MS relapses, disease progression was quickly deteriorating my ability to walk and slowly deteriorating my ability to think. The logical solution for me was to try HSCT, which is not FDA approved, so I left the country to do it. This website documents my research and journey to effect a cure.


Here I am in Santa Barbara Airport.

Seemed like this day would never arrive, although my risk of stopping Tysabri without a confirmed treatment date paid off. I read online that some people are just now getting 2017 confirmation dates. My required, three-month washout ended just a week ago, so it doesn’t get much tighter than that! I only applied in February.

While I’m so excited, I can hardly think straight, I’m trying really hard to attenuate my expectations. This treatment doesn’t work wonders for everyone; although, the vast majority seem to do quite well with it.