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Published 24 July 2016

Countdown to vacate

All preparations have been made. All tests have been done. In two days, I’ll be in Puebla, Mexico, checking into my temporary apartment there. I’m not so nervous about starting the treatment as I am about leaving town for four weeks. Over the last three years, I’ve been mostly too sick to travel and did almost none before my trip down to Puebla in February to check-out the clinic.

House sitters know how to feed the fish, so everything should be okay ????

Important Timeframes

  • My Stem Cell Transplant Date: June 5th, 2016
  • Treatment duration: 4 weeks
  • Typical onset of disability reversal: +9 months
  • Typical complete recovery from procedure: +1 to +2 years
  • Typical maximum reversal of disability: +2 years


I am not a doctor. I am a scientist (engineer) who has had MS since March 2013.

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