Mission Statement

This website documents one man's quest to cure his MS through determination, perseverance and a little luck.

Although harsh drugs and strict diet were successfully supressing my devestating MS relapses, disease progression was quickly deteriorating my ability to walk and slowly deteriorating my ability to think. The logical solution for me was to try HSCT, which is not FDA approved, so I left the country to do it. This website documents my research and journey to effect a cure.


Dr. Guillermo Ruíz-Argüelles has published several papers on the National Institute of Health (nih.gov) concerning his particular protocol used for hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT). Called, The Mexican Method, this protocol is different from Dr. Burt’s (Northwestern University) ongoing, Stage 3, worldwide clinical trial. (The Ruiz clinic has over 600 published papers, many on the NIH.)

Since the agenda paperwork I received for my treatment did not include a timeline graphic, I decided to make one, so I don’t have to keep explaining to friends and family where I am in the process. I’m also very visually oriented.

I’m currently at Day -4, so there’s going to be a lot of action coming up soon. Right now there’s just a lot of shots and pills. Below is a timeline I created of the Mexican Method.