Mission Statement

This website documents one man's quest to cure his MS through determination, perseverance and a little luck.

Although harsh drugs and strict diet were successfully supressing my devestating MS relapses, disease progression was quickly deteriorating my ability to walk and slowly deteriorating my ability to think. The logical solution for me was to try HSCT, which is not FDA approved, so I left the country to do it. This website documents my research and journey to effect a cure.


Yesterday afternoon, I started getting queasy again, and I opted only for a dinner of Ensure. By the way, that stuff and electrolytes have become my best friends. By now, I was feeling like I had the flu coming on.

Like any large clinic, Ruiz has groups of staff that work together as a team. This evening, Dr. Priesca came to administer my evening injection. I told him I was sick to my stomach most of the day, and he started me on a bunch of meds. I went to bed early, waking several times in cold sweats and wet sheets. Eventually, the “flu” broke, and I slept like a baby, waking well-rested at the crack of dawn. I felt so much better, and that’s supposed to be the worst of it. I’m done with the hard part :). Not to tempt fate, I took my morning medication with a bottle of Ensure.

Dr. Leon came by for the morning injection. This is going to be my routine for the next several days, except that on Monday, I go to the hospital to have a PICC line (a big catheter) inserted into a main artery above my clavicle. This “portal” will be used for all future I.V. work, including stem cell harvest, chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. It will stay in for over a week.

My appetite came back in spades. Judy made me a well-done hamburger with grilled onions on a burnt bun. Delicious. Pretty soon, even that will be off limits after I enter a stage called, neutropenia, when I can only eat reconstituted, freeze dried food, to ensure I consume no bacteria.