Mission Statement

This website documents one man's quest to cure his MS through determination, perseverance and a little luck.

Although harsh drugs and strict diet were successfully supressing my devestating MS relapses, disease progression was quickly deteriorating my ability to walk and slowly deteriorating my ability to think. The logical solution for me was to try HSCT, which is not FDA approved, so I left the country to do it. This website documents my research and journey to effect a cure.


Yesterday’s recap: 11 hours worth of testing on 1 hour of sleep. Made it, though, and the cardiologist said my heart is in perfect condition ????.

Today should be an easy day. It didn’t start until 11:30 am, so I caught up on sleep last night after Judy (my Mom) and I walked a few blocks to a grocery store and bought a couple of steaks, which we fried up for a nice but quick dinner.

Tomorrow, I have my first round of chemotherapy. I’ll explain more about that later.

Judy and I went to the grocery store today to stock up on living necessities.

By the way, I found out the hard way that HBO Now, STARZ and Showtime on-demand don’t work in Mexico. I did find a ten dollar per month service that tricks your device into having a USA IP address by using a VPN tunnel, though, and it seems to work fine.